At AEROCONNECT.app, we understand that traveling to Indonesia can present a multitude of challenges. Arriving in a foreign country can be daunting with the complexity of visas, language barriers, and unfamiliarity of customs and immigration.

Our founder, having encountered every travel obstacle imaginable – from visa complications for his family to overwhelming airport arrivals – envisioned a seamless solution to these common travel woes. Through a robust network of partnerships within Indonesia’s travel and hospitality sectors and over 30 years of experience in Indonesia’s tourism landscape, we created AEROCONNECT.app to simplify and enhance your travel experience.

With our app, you can arrange everything you need in advance – secure your visa, book reliable airport meet-and-greet services, and schedule comfortable transportation to your desired destination in Indonesia. No more scrambling at arrival, no language anxieties, and no hidden fees.

Instead, allow yourself to be greeted by a VIP personal assistant who guides you through passport control, assists with baggage retrieval, and expedites you through customs. Our team, deeply rooted in local knowledge, ensures that your needs are met promptly and efficiently. With services starting at just $30, our premium travel experiences remain accessible to all travelers.

But AEROCONNECT.app isn’t just an app, it’s a promise of stress-free travel. Convenience and reliability are at the core of our values. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands, so you can travel with confidence.

At AEROCONNECT.app, your comfort is our mission.

We want your travels to be effortless AEROCONNECT.app


Here are some ways you can simplify your journey on AEROCONNECT.app:

Arrange VIP airport services – letting you focus on the excitement of arrival

Secure your visa or residence permit, and manage it seamlessly within the app

Book reliable car rides on demand, or pre-arrange airport pick-ups

Discover curated tour packages, or plan your own itinerary with ease

Find the best deals – get local bookings and event discounts only for App users